U.N. denies knowledge of military trucks labeled ‘U.N.’ On U.S. Highways

UN trucks on US highways

The identity of the owner of the military-style trucks painted with the United Nations’ initials seen being transported through Virginia this week was narrowed on Wednesday. A little.

They most probably are owned by Afghanistan. Or Albania, Algeria, Andorra or Angola … or any of the rest of the 193 member states of the international organization. All the way through Zambia and Zimbabwe.

These are not our vehicles. … We don’t have vehicles,” U.N. spokeswoman Ismini Palla told WND.

But she said it’s possible that a member state placed an order with an American manufacturer, and they simply were being transported to their new owner.

I assume, and that’s a big assumption, that possibly there has been an agreement for the U.S. to manufacture, to produce these vehicles,” she said.

Any such arrangement would be “bilateral,” she pointed out, with details made available only from the seller and the buyer.

Just a day earlier, WND consulted with a couple of major defense contractors who denied they knew anything about the vehicles.

Alpine Armoring had reported earlier to a fact-checking website that the vehicles “seen in these photographs were purchased by the United Nations for use outside the United States.”

The explanation continued, “A number of defense industry manufacturers are based in and around Washington, D.C. (a region that includes Virginia) for obvious logistical reasons, and the representative confirmed that the trucks were ordered by the U.N. for use in locations abroad.”

But when WND contacted Alpineco, a spokeswoman denied the vehicles were produced by the company.

WND then was referred to another company, BAE Systems, where a spokesman also denied his company’s divisions were in any way connected to the vehicles.

WND originally reported on Monday when a wave of blogs reported trucks painted with the United Nations initials were being moved by flatbed through Virginia.

The issue got attention after the story,”UN military vehicles seen rolling down Virginia interstate,” appeared in the American Mirror. Writer Olaf Ekberg asked: “What were United Nations vehicles doing in Virginia! … That’s what motorists were left to wonder when they saw UN tactical vehicles – with bulletproof glass – on a flatbed truck and rolling down Interstate 81.”

Photographs, posted by Jeff Stern on Facebook, showed the vehicles were military style, painted white with U.N. logos.

Can’t begin to tell you how many of these I passed today on 81 near Lexington, VA. Interesting times ahead!” Stern noted.

Tactical Vehicles, with bullet proof glass? What ever could those be for, and why are UN vehicles here, in THIS country?!” wrote Fernando Johnson, the American Mirror reported.

Another Facebook reader, Vincent Simmons, also noted, “They are sealed against gas, too.”

And it isn’t the first time U.N. vehicles have been sighted on America’s roads.

A year ago Tim Brown with Freedom Outpost wrote:

There are a lot of stories that are reported about United Nations vehicles being transported on U.S. highways. The latest comes by way of video footage that shows U.N. trucks that seem to be attempting to hide their logo as they are transported on a U.S. highway in Northern Louisiana. The trucks appear to be brand new U.N. medical trucks, as identified with red crosses.”

The site then reported how brown paper covering the trucks had blown off on one side, revealing the U.N. logo. Brown wrote:

The question I have is, why cover up the U.N. logo? It certainly isn’t to protect it. After all, there is no covering over the red crosses that adorn the sides and rear of the vehicles.”

In 2014, America’s Freedom Fighters asked, “We have U.N. vehicles being shipped on U.S. highways. One has to wonder why?”


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