Like A Boss – Donald Trump Delivered Stunningly Impressive “America First” Remarks in Mexico…

donald trump in mexico

A fearless American went to Mexico and unapologetically nailed his position on the relationship between the U.S. and Mexico.

How good were the remarks?  Well, lets just say… we can fully anticipate the liberal U.S. media to go into combat mode; because candidate Donald J Trump articulated a full-throated, unapologetic and yet resoundingly ‘diplomatic’ America-First message to Mexican President Peña Nieto….

….and that’s just what he did publicly.

trump neito 3

When Donald Trump and President Nieto came to their collective podiums Trump was in hostile territory.  Nieto speaking Spanish without a formal translator provided, and without presenting his remarks in advance to candidate Donald Trump, was obviously speaking to his domestic audience more than an American one.

Yet somehow, after Nieto’s lengthy and highly politically nuanced comments – Trump was able to simply fillet the parseltongue using fewer, stronger, and far more deliberate words.

It really was stunning to witness.

For the first time in decades a foreign diplomat was standing on a stage with an American politician whose essential DNA is unapologetically American.   Trump does not pretend himself to be, nor is he, a lifetime career politician.  In essence he is the globalists worst nightmare.

Trump Neito

A remarkable contrast not just optics, but in the recognition of a new strong and bold beginning for a very probable Trump presidency.

Trump’s remarks begin at 14:00 video (prompted):

The remarks by Donald Trump were so succinctly on-point the U.S. media are left with no other option than to attack ridiculous details viciously.  Apparently the U.S. media were anticipating that Mexico would cut a check for the border wall today…. or something similarly silly.

Quite frankly, most of the the MSM have never known a patriotic president.  Candidate Trump’s mere existence cuts against the very fabric of their educational teaching.

However, all you need to see to recognize who held the stronger authority in this meeting is the immediate ‘triggered‘ reaction from Univision’s Jorge Ramos:

ramos tweet

Donald Trump suit

mic drop

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