Julian Assange Drops Truth Bomb About What Really Caused The Las Vegas Massacre

Julian Assange, founder of WikiLeaks is known for speaking out and so forth but this was unexpected. While lots of people are against what he does, he has brought to the public lots of knowledge that we otherwise would not have been able to obtain.

Assange tweeted a few things back in October in regards to terrorism and the FBI, This within days of the mass shooting in Las Vegas hinting at something I am sure lots of people have been considering. Assange suggesting that the FBI actually manufactures its own terrorism cases and is currently doing so on a scale like nothing we have ever seen before this possibly including the Las Vegas shooting.

Michael German a former undercover agent with the FBI actually said as follows:

They’re manufacturing terrorism cases. These people are five steps away from being a danger to the US.”

You see, when it comes to picking people to do their dirty work the FBI targets those who are vulnerable who would only do things of this sort if instigated.

Assange’s tweets reads as follows:

“Almost all “terror” plots are created by the FBI as part of its business model.

What is the business of the FBI? Extracting tax. What does it need to do that? A stable threat. Prob? Real terrorists are sporadic & make FBI look weak. Solution? Make them.”

The FBI is giving guns to the mentally ill to attack people then leaping in to save the day, cameras rolling. What a bunch of jerks.”

There was actually a study carried out not too long ago in regards to these things. It was a study that quantified signs of entrapment in a database of post-9/11 terror prosecutions. Researchers found that out of 580 cases 317 involved an informant or undercover agent. Most of those showed signs of entrapment. Leader of this study, Jesse Norris actually told BuzzFeed that he was disturbed by some of the tactics employed.

However, of course, the FBI rejected the study’s findings. People have been complaining about the tactics that the FBI use for years and nothing has been done about it. The government has been pursuing terrorism for far too long. You can learn more about this by clicking here, it seems things are getting out of hand.

Is our government coaxing people into plotting acts of terror and getting away with it? With all that is going on in the world, it seems likely. Please check out the video below and let us know what you think about all of this. Do you think the FBI should be allowed to do what they are doing? I find it surprising that mainstream media didn’t pick up Assange’s words and run with them. He has been in the media before over things he has said and now for whatever reason we are hearing nothing? Something has got to be up.

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