Judge Jeanine Knocks Bill and Hillary The F**K Out ‘ They’ll Sell ANYTHING To The Highest Bidder! [VIDEO]

judge jeanine knocks out bill and hillary

BOOM! Judge Pirro is a legal analyst and now television personality. She is the host of Fox News Channel’s show “Justice With Judge Jeanine” which has been going strong as one of their top shows since 2011. A republican from Chemung County, Judge Pirro has served as a county court judge before she served as the district attorney for a run over 10 years. She was in fact the FIRST female judge on the Westchester County Court bench.

So when it comes to Hillary and Bill Clinton, the woman knows her stuff!

During Saturday’s “Opening Statement” on Fox News “JUSTICE” as the host, Judge Pirro SLAMMED Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton over the controversy that is plaguing news boards across the country… ‘The Clinton Foundation’ dealings.

However her target was not just Hillary, but Bill also…as it should be.

Pirro spoke about the Clintons likening them until the infamous crime duo… BONNIE AND CLYDE and wasted no time making sure she accused Bill and Hillary Clinton of being..

willing to sell anything to the highest bidder for money and power.”

Which let’s face it… is DEAD ON!

She didn’t hesitate to also mention how clear it is now that Hillary Clinton used a private emmial server to “hide her shady Clinton Foundation dealings.”

Just as in Judge Jeanine fashion, she nailed EVERY point, and there is no one who could have told the truth better than she had.

But don’t take my word for it… check it out for yourself!

RIGHT ON JUDGE JEANINE! Way to let the truth cut where it lands!

If for some reason the video isn’t playing for you we wanted to make sure you don’t miss out… here is the transcript.

Do you agree with the Judge? Are the Clintons lawless cheats who are no better than your average CROOK!?

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